Email Deliverability Codes

AroundDeal actively verifies the authenticity of email addresses to provide high-quality data.

Last updated: Oct 14, 2023


We have confirmed the validity and safety of these addresses for email communication. They will have a very low bounce rate of under 1%.

Sub Codes Details
CONFIDENT We received delivery confirmation.


These are the emails that we determined to be invalid. We will delete invalid email addresses to keep our data high quality.

Sub Codes Details
SYNTAX Email address syntax error.
NOT_FOUND The email address does not exist.
DOMAIN The email address does not exist.
DNS DNS is misconfigured.
LOCKED The mailbox is disabled or locked.
QUOTA_EXCEED The mailbox has exceeded its quota.
MISCONFIG The mailbox is unavailable due to misconfiguration.
WHITELIST The mailbox only accepts emails from a whitelist.


Sub Codes Details
ALL The term "catch-all" implies that the email server indicates the email is valid, regardless of its actual validity. If you plan to send emails to these addresses, we recommend categorizing them into a catch-all group, understanding that some of your emails may bounce.


Sub Codes Details
TRAP The mailbox is known as spam trap.
DISPOSABLE The mailbox is temporary.
REPORTER The email address is easily able to report spam.
LISTED The email address is included in a public spam list.


Sub Codes Details
FIREWALL Our verification was rejected by the firewall.
TIMEOUT The verification process timed out during the connection.
PROTOCOL The connection protocol is not functional.
REJECTED The verification has been rejected.
QUEUED Queued but not finished.